Sobre el éxito (About success), excellent quote from Gabriel García Márquez

I like to utilize social media to practice Spanish. I have liked Gabriel García Márquez on Facebook, and frequently have excellent quotes in my news feed as a result. This week, my favorite quote is about success and I have included it below.
“No, el éxito no se lo deseo a nadie. Le sucede a uno lo que a los alpinistas, que se matan por llegar a la cumbre y cuando llegan, ¿qué hacen? Bajar, o tratar de bajar discretamente, con la mayor dignidad posible.”
“No, success is something I don’t wish on anybody. It’s like what happens to mountain climbers; they kill themselves to get to the top and when they get there, what do they do? Climb down, or try to do so, discreetly, with as much dignity as possible.”
—Gabriel García Márquez