My life? I am a working mom using four languages on a daily basis, in Kentucky of all places. English is my only native language, but in my 3 decades of life I have picked up French, added a side of Spanish, a smidge of Chinese and a dash of Dutch.  I speak French at home with my baby and my husband, both of whom are aspiring bilinguals;  I am also taking advanced university-level Spanish courses in hopes that I will become tri-lingual before I am too old to process new verb tenses. Did I mention all of the colleagues in my department are native Chinese speakers? I work on at least being polite in that language.

My motivation? I lived in Europe in a former chapter of my life, and adopted the belief that multilingualism is a virtue, as well as an attainable goal. Now that I am back in the States, I hope to inspire my family to do the same by bravely attempting this feat as an adult. I organize resources, research and share my own experiences as a parent using several languages daily and my own quest to become multilingual. I welcome comments, guest bloggers, and strategies that have worked for you and your families.

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