On the air

Today I did something I never would have imagined two years ago. I recorded a future radio broadcast in Spanish with two classmates on the topic of soccer (fútbol).  This nine minute segment will be included in one of the upcoming Spanish language radio programs, airing every Sunday afternoon.  We did it in one take. I was nervous, and I know my Spanish was not perfect, but the smile on the producer’s face when we finished made my day.

Teachers, take heed: this was a very fun and rewarding experience for a conversational Spanish course!  The exercise required group work, practice perfecting pronunciation, and bridges the gap between campus and the local Hispanic community.

Now that the kiddo is in bed, this multilingual mama is going to wrap up her Spanish blog entry, study for tomorrow’s exam, and then curl up with her French language version of Anna Karenina. Just to see if 1) my brain can handle the switch, and 2) I can stay awake for more than 2 pages.


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