My brain is full. Can I go home?

In the language cone described last week, I am currently a dollop of ice cream dribbling off the bottom onto your shoe. My cumulative sleep deprivation has me unable to communicate in any language. I find myself mute mid-sentence, as my brain slides from one language to the next, searching for the right words to express myself.

I am not sure if this means that by knowing some languages fairly well,  I am taking the luxury of finding the best option, or if I am just terrible at all of the languages.  For those of you who speak more than one language, you know those moments when you learn a word or phrase (I nearly typed una palabra or phrase–good example of my mixing languages) that captures a feeling or thought better than anything you know in your native language? That is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of learning another language-learning new ways to express the same ‘ole thoughts, new ways of approaching the world, situations, and communication in general.

Input, input, input. This is how I need to solve my problem. I listen to French internet news radio at work. I listen to CNN en Español on Satellite radio in my car. I am reading Anna Karenina in French, and I am in Spanish courses 4 days/week. I speak to A. in French. I am working my way through a Spanish grammar text for practice.  I have chosen for this to be my spare time hobby for at least the next year. A hobby that will hopefully, one day, provide me with interesting career options! Next semester I plan to take Spanish grammar and composition, so hopefully this will help me tremendously!


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