Il faut pratiquer! (You have to practice)

When the child goes down for a nap on Labor Day, this momma cheers and runs for the book of French grammar exercises. Yes, that is what I do in my spare time. Heaven forbid I teach him poor grammar!  Then I will finish my Spanish homework, and call it a day.

The goal for A.’s birthday is to decorate his room in our new home. For now, he has beige walls and beige carpet. Bo-ring! I have two ideas I am working with.  One is green, and the other is gray and white horizontal stripes, with colorful things hung on the walls.  I love, and I have found some great French posters, etc. for decorations.  This will be so much fun!  Eventually, I would like to see if his father and grandfather can build some cubbies for his room for books/toys. I refuse to give hundreds of dollars to Pottery Barn for what is so easy to make!

Finally, I know it is early, but I have found a French Christmas CD for kids. I need to learn all the French Christmas songs I can so that we can start singing them every year as a tradition. This will be a birthday gift for A. since he will be more enthralled with the boxes than the gifts this year!

Oh, how I love a three-day weekend!


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