My other blog is a doozy!

As if writing for one blog were not enough, I have been assigned the task of keeping a blog in Spanish for my Business Spanish course.  Each of us has been assigned a Spanish-speaking country for which we will be the class “expert,” as we discuss the economics, cultures, and world events in Spain and Latin America. My country for the semester is Equatorial Guinea, where one of the official languages is Spanish.  I like this choice because it is the only option in Africa.  The challenge is that until the President’s son, the Vice-President, was accused of improper use of government funds, shall we say, there is not a lot of news being piped out of that country.

I reached a few conversational milestones in class today. I successfully explained the concept of GDP in Spanish, and also had to explain why the U.S. government sees Chinese as a critical language, and moreover, what does critical language mean? I was by no means perfect in my communication, I am sure, but I was understood and it sparked discussion. Both of my courses are very much discussion-based, and participatory.  Both courses have us discussing matters that are abstract, as well as discussing current events. I feel as if I am already feeling better about my speaking after a week. I can’t wait to see where I am at the end of this semester!


2 thoughts on “My other blog is a doozy!

  1. Oh, Dios mío, eres un genio

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