Only three languages? Slacker.

I have had a stroke of luck, and now I will be able to take two Spanish courses: Spanish Conversation and Business Spanish. I had planned to take two classes this semester because the tuition benefit is lost if I don’t use it. Rather than have 4 languages in my head every day, I am narrowing it down to three. I still think I will end up being one of those people who mumbles to themselves as they walk through campus, having one-sided conversations for practice.
Yesterday, my father-in-law greeted us with a French phrase he had memorized from a translation just for our son. It was such a sweet gesture. I still feel a little strange speaking French with our son in front of our non-French speaking families. I don’t want to be rude, having a private conversation that nobody else can understand or enjoy. At the same time, if I accommodate every English speaker around us, I will never be using the target language. I guess I have to get over it, and feel silly in the grocery store, or with family. It’s been a while since I was living as a foreigner, and I suspect that in public those without a refined ear will think I am “not from around these parts.”
A. started crawling last weekend and is already cruising. At this rate, he will be walking before I know it, and speaking sweet words of…English? French? Kentuckian?



4 thoughts on “Only three languages? Slacker.

  1. You might have just inspired me to start rebuilding my Spanish vocab. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  2. Dont ever feel strange. We owe you thanks for this opportunity to learn something and step out of our normal routines. When I try to be smart and come up with a little saying, excusez mon français.

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